The ongoing push to digitize all the “things” continues.

When I started college I was solidly focused on a Computer Science degree. I was getting a kick out of taking a DOS class and programming classes for COBOL and Visual Basic. Then one fateful day I gave a student hitcher a ride to school and in getting to know him learned he was taking CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) classes in the architectural design program. I had never heard of it but was curious and asked for a tour of the lab. He took me through some demo drawings in AutoCAD 11 for DOS. I was blown away.

It took me back to my days building houses with my Dad. It reminded me of watching him hand draw home building plans at the kitchen table. I was hooked.

The next term I switched my major to Architectural Design and didn’t look back (well, until I did some years later). After graduating I ended up designing tire stores and warehouses for the Les Schwab Tire Company as well as designing houses on the side. I even ended up teaching AutoCAD and 3D Modeling and Rendering classes at Central Oregon Community College for a couple of years.

This was one of my final required projects. I particularly enjoyed hand drawing 3D illustrations like this.

(These scans are YUGE!!! so pop ’em up in a new tab and have at it.)