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I had fun with this one. Not one to write letters to editors, I felt I had to respond to a writer in The Source from May 1, 2014. The article was titled “May the Fourth Be With You” and the author was attempting to make a point about heavy metal lyrics: “Fantasy in heavy metal is abundant whether it’s Rush’s obsession with dragon slaying or seminal bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath incorporating J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings into it’s music…”

Tongue in cheek response followed. Hey, I love me some RUSH! But of course I’ve been used to people being jerks about it since I was a kid. I consider it an honor to be told for the zillionth time “I don’t like his voice!”

hehe, good for you.

Oh Brianna—sweet, sadly misinformed Brianna. While I do appreciate the point being made about fantasy in heavy metal in your article, “May the Fourth Be With You” (though of the three bands mentioned, it’s also note-worthy that RUSH is considered progressive rock, while Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are solidly in the rock or classic rock arena), the statement, “Rush’s obsession with dragon slaying,” might mislead a whole generation of RUSH nobs just waiting to be diehard fans. Sure, coincidentally RUSH put out a couple songs in the 70’s with lyrics like, ”Who’s come to slay the dragon,” and “When the dragons grow too mighty/To slay with pen or sword”, but that was purely metaphorical, alluding to emotional discovery, inner-growth and the struggle to find and maintain purpose in life. So, hardly an obsession, right? They sang a lot in the old days about battling gods, necromancers, mystical lands, dystopian worlds, witches, and yes, even Lord of the Rings. But not a lot of the actual slaying of actual dragons. And though I may have listened to a lot of RUSH when I was a kid playing Dungeons & Dragons, that does not really or implicitly indicate any dragonesque tie to RUSH. So in lieu of signing off with a hearty, “So there,” I would like to instead offer you the chance to broaden your horizons and really come to know the Holy Triumvirate with an all-day listening party. Mind opened, mind blown. You’re welcome.
— Lance Hardy

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